Snowy mountains of the Caucasus, warm sea, wine valleys, prehistoric cave city, medieval fortresses and churches, mineral springs, delicious food and wine,100 different landscapes, 22 types of climate - all of that is in one day driving range. Diversity of Georgia's nature, unique historical monuments, cultural identity, good roads, professional service guarantees travelers colorful one-of-a kind experiences at any time of the year.

Ancient Georgian tribes unitied to form the first state at the end of II Millennium B. C.

Georgia is the oldest wine region in the world. Archaeological materials confirm that the wine was made here 8 000 years BC. The region is rich with 500 types of grape and 30 unique labels of wine. In Georgia, wine is not just a drink, it's an important part of the spiritual culture . The ancient traditions of winemaking and wine drinking are preserved in its original form to this day.

Georgian cuisine is really unparalleled. It was developing over thousands of years influenced by diversity of the nature and neighbouring cultures. One important feature of Georgian cuisine is the natural purity and freshness of all products without exception, most of which are cooked on an open fire. And, of course, any Georgian feast is not complete without dry wine.

Cheerful and friendly nature of the Georgians with their renowned hospitality, beautiful nature, historical heritage, fine foods and wines make Goergia a desirable destination.