BTC is one of the leading destination management companies in Russia, welcoming the travelers in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and other Russian cities. Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, Roger Federer and Justine Henin, and many other celebrities fill the list of our honored guests. The leading corporate brands and the most famous cruise lines do trust us.

Our mission

We live to present the travelers bright impressions, sharing with them the limitless beauty, rich and diverse cultural heritage of Russia.

Our vision

We dream that every travel would bring people joy, happiness and inspiration.


BTC is a big company, and it’s not only the matter of size and experience.

We dream big. We think big.

In any circumstances, we watch over the horizon, pioneering in new client-oriented solutions and giving a chance to original touristic projects with high potential.


BTC is a bright company. We always track new emotional and exclusive experiences in Russia, and live them to share them later with you. This approach allows us to offer you truthfully original programs, showing you Russia from new angles, unknown and unexplored.


BTC is a brave company. There is nothing impossible for us, no idea that we don’t let ourselves believe in. Ambitious projects and complicated tasks constitute the essence of our work.


We are visuals. Every day we admire the beauty of the place we live in, the beauty that we are happy to share with you.

‘The beauty will save the world’ – we agree with each word of Dostoevsky in this quote. That is why we pay a special attention to aesthetical aspect of each program.

Our history

Ludmila Koudryavtseva, a visionary entrepreneur founds a small shorex operator. As the company initially targets the cruise liners that cross the Baltic sea, the small team decides to call it Baltic Travel Company.

First cruise passengers arrive at St. Petersburg port in May. New buses impress the guests with unified brand design, which is a breakthrough in Russian touristic industry. BTC becomes the first touristic company in Russia to own a large touristic transport fleet. Own dispatching is formed. The company invests into the city touristic infrastructure, equipping a comfortable customs terminal at its own expense.

BTC becomes one of the most influential tour operators in Russia. It acquires a new party of contemporary coaches and founds its own folklore ensemble called Ogonki (Little fires)

The company expands into corporate travel segment via acquisition of one of the leading companies in the Russian incentive market, Swedish DSR AB.

BTC team moves to a new elegant 4-story historical building in the city center

Partnering with the Administration of St. Petersburg, the company founds the first hop-on/hop-off excursion in Russia called City Tour. Entertaining and detailed excursion distinguishes City Tour from most of similar sightseeing programs in the other touristic capitals of the world.

City Tour launches world’s first hip-hop city sightseeing bus excursion.

BTC organizes Yarkyfest, international architectural festival, hosts ‘Art Prospect’ public art festivals and holds architecture studies within ‘Kids’ days’ city festival at its own creative space

The company moves to a new contemporary office building. The new website you are now exploring is launched.

City Tour rebrands and launches a unique hop-on – hop-off excursion for kids