St. Petersburg is the 4th most populated city in Europe and one of the most beautiful ones. Often referred to as ‘a window to Europe’ and ‘the Northern Venice’, this city itself represents a great treasury of Russian and European culture expressed in its buildings, bridges and masterpieces in its numerous museums.

The former capital of the Russian empire lived through many devastating challenges and managed to preserve its unbeatable cultural heritage and its very special ambience.

The trip to St. Petersburg is a source of unique aesthetic pleasure and unforgettable experiences.

Palaces and museums

The Northern capital of Russia boasts of many elegant baroque buildings that host world famous institutions. Visit the Hermitage, one of the world’s largest museums, situated in Winter Palace, the legendary Amber Room in Catherine Palace and many other wonderful museums of the city just at best and most convenient time for you. We also can organize a gala dinner in most authentic palaces of St. Petersburg renowned for its exquisite interiors.

Miraculous parks

Imperial residences located in suburbs of St. Petersburg combine harmonically the luxurious architecture and beauty of nature. Visit Peterhof, glowing with gold of its stunning fountains, enjoy the strict lines of Pushkin regular park and calm majesty of nature in Pavlovsk.

Waters of the Northern Venice

Peter the Great, the founder of St. Petersburg, wanted to create a city on water, resembling Amsterdam that he admired. He wanted the system of channels to replace the street system with citizen travelling primarily on boat. That’s the Russian emperor took special attention to the beauty of the buildings constructed on embankments: ‘water avenues’ should have impressed any guest of the new capital – as they surely do now.

Boat cruise is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the majestic architecture of St. Petersburg from water.

Magnificent theaters

St. Petersburg is a center of Russian cultural life. With us, you can visit the best performances in world known Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters and even go backstage. We can prepare exclusive stagings in one of the most luxurious palaces of St. Petersburg and organize an excursion to a legendary institution where stars of Russian ballet are born.

White nights

There is a time, when it almost doesn’t grow dark in the Northern Capital.

The time, when music is playing on the banks of the Neva when unknown people invite you to dance salsa next to Rostral columns is the most romantic time of the northern capital.

Watch the opening of the majestic bridges, admire the bright lights of the main embankments and, of course, smiles of the people around you – from the deck of a comfortable boat to the sweet jazz tunes, from the roof of the ancient apartment house, facing the fresh wind or standing with a glass of champagne on the balcony of one of the palaces.

White nights are the best reason to fall in love with St. Petersburg.