Moscow is a beating heart of Russia. Here antiquity coexists with contemporaneity and truly lively Russian character acquires glitter of cosmopolitism. Bright, luxurious and dynamic metropolis is the city that charges you culturally and emotionally.

The capital

The cultural and political center of Russia expressed itself in striking scale and internal diversity of Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. With us, you will be able to visit the cathedrals dating back to different eras, to contemplate unique national jewels and other artefacts in the State Armory and even organize an even in such distinguished venue as one of the palaces on Kremlin territory.

Business epicenter

Moscow is the boiling point of the country’s business life. Here new peaks are reached, expressed in the skyscrapers of the Moscow City, towering over the city. Take a look at the city from the heights of the clouds, visit one of the numerous towers, hold an event at one of the many professional venues, dine at the best restaurants in the city, where famous politicians, actors, artists meet and vital decisions are taken.

Cultural treasures

Moscow is a rich city not only in economic, but also in cultural sense. We will share with you the access to a greatest treasury of national art – Tretyakov Gallery, – will show you Museon, a museum of historic and contemporary sculpture in the open air, will invite you to a performance in one of renowned Moscow theaters and will demonstrate you the actual achievements of art in one of museums of contemporary art.

Spiritual values

No wonder the capital of Russia is called the gold-headed – the domes of beautiful temples contribute beautifully to the city visual and spiritual skyline. Visit the Cathedral St. Basil’s Cathedral, considered by many to represent the quintessence of Russian architecture, the medieval cathedrals of the Kremlin and the majestic complex of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.