St. Petersburg introduces free electronic visas for foreigners

Russian touristic capital is experiencing a consecutive in-flow of travelers. Complex visa procedure has been so far a big pain for many tourists who wanted to visit Russia. Now it became a way easier.

Starting from October 1st, 2019, guests from numerous European countries heading for St. Petersburg can apply for an e-visa. This visa covers stay in St. Petersburg only and last for 8 consecutive days. Those single-entry visas are valid for 30 days since they are issued, are easy-to-apply and, most of all, are free of any charge.

In order to apply for e-visa, the travelers need to follow this link.

It’s extremely important to take attention to a proper transcription of names and last names, especially if they contain language-specific symbols such as ü or ö.

We are aware of some cases, when travelers were not authorized to cross the borders with mistakes in their visas.

Russia has never been so close for the travelers. Take advantage of this opportunity!