The mystery of magic bus

We hurry to share with you wonderful news!

City Tour St. Petersburg, our hop-on – hop-off project has launched the first sightseeing excursion for children of all ages.

New tour is an entertaining source of truthful knowledge about St. Petersburg for all the family. At the moment, the product is available in Russian only.

Thanks to original audio performance format, the beloved city сomes to live in kids’ imagination. According to the plot, they are assisted by bright and charismatic characters: curious grandchild, wise grandpa and playful cat Vasily.

Production took more than half a year.

During all those months we would collect little-known facts, compose and edit, historically verified text, record and voice the excursion track at professional recording studio.

Pavel Veretnov, with his 10+ years teaching experience became the scriptwriter and the main star of the project.

If it happens that your kids know or study Russian don’t doubt to purchase the tickets online or right on board of City Tour bus!