The best achieving salespeople from a leading German bank were awarded with a truly fiery trip to St. Petersburg. The fireplace of Russian culture that united the guests was fed with joyful, healthy, sporty and revolutionary experiences.


Our duties

turnkey event organization, comprehensive event logistics

Number of participants


We offered a uniquely designed bus to our guests. It was both means of transport and of immersion into authentic historic ambience that resonated with excursion in Aurora battle cruises and ride on faniys Soviet cars – Volgas, ZiMs and Pobedas. This retro line was maintained during all the event – for example, the guests tasted best delicatesses in historic Eliseevsky store and degustated traditional Russian drinks at Museum of Russian Vodka.

Sales bring spirit of competition. The ice of one of the main hockey arenas of St. Petersburg became the venue for the friendly clash. Fair refereeing, the performances by ice skaters and cheerleaders, impressive goals and funny falls brought the guests unforgettable emotions from the ice hockey.

The day after, the participants left the city to feel quirkyness and waywardness of Russian off-road.

Newly-minted pilots and navigators met the fleet of rare specially equipped cars from Russia and the whole world, among them – authentic GAZ-69.

Having lived extreme moments from spectacular journey down safe yet adventurous route, the participants tasted traditional Russian camping food – buckwheat porridge and stew cooked on open fire.

Tired yet happy, the guests paid a decent visit ro one of the best Russian bath houses. Steaming with fragrant brooms, experienced attendants and unique tea made from natural herbs altogether represented a perfect mix for full relaxation after an intense day.

The last day of the trip was rich on impressions. First, the bankers visited one of the historic markets of St. Petersburg, famous for its Soviet-time architectural heritage and quality of its products. Then they went deep under the ground to know the luxurious interiors and rich history of one of the beautiful subways of the world. The day finished with excursion in grand Catherine Palace and warm dinner in an authentic restaurant famous for its quality Russian cuisine.

Each of the participants of the event was presented a branded scarf and photo album that collected all the bright memories from the trip.