Over 3 000 forum participants responsible for safety and media coverage of the event needed fast and comfortable rides in Strelna and between the event venue and major hotel. We were proud to take charge of this extremely complicated task.


Constantine Palace in Strelna (suburb of St. Petersburg)

Our duties

comprehensive event logistics

Number of participants


Thorough search and careful selection of 120 coaches and 70 minivans that would comply with G20 highest requirements to the comfort, technical condition and appearance of the transport was a challenge that our team took and overcame, despite a deficit of available high class vehicles in the city.

Meteors, speedy hovercrafts connected guests of G20 with meteors.

Within complex preparation process we took charge of transport branding, recruitment of the city’s best drivers and processing access cards for them. We coordinated our efforts with dozens of organization and state agencies. Each of the minor details that always matter in events of G20 scale was considered.

Every car came on time and every passenger was happy with their safe and easy journey.